Online Safety & Safeguarding

At Ashmole Primary School, we take online safety very seriously and encourage all pupils to use ICT and the internet in a safe and responsible manner.

In school, all filters and restrictions are set to the necessary level and pupils are closely monitored at all times while accessing ICT. Online safety is covered as appropriate as part of our curriculum. 

There are also several good websites that provide additional information to support you in this. These include: 


Here are a further couple of links, that we hope you will find useful at home: 

This site discusses privacy settings and how to set on social media sites:

This site is all about understanding the risks involve in online gaming and how to keep the children safe:

Please speak to a member of staff if you have any concerns regarding online safety.

NSPCC Fact Sheets

The following NPSCC fact sheets available to download below, give some information and guidance on how you can help keep your child safe online.

  1. Keeping Children Safe Online
  2. Online Safety for the Under 5s
  3. Online Safety for Primary School Children
  4. Online Safety for Teenagers 

Childnet Fact Sheets

The following Childnet resources available to download below, also provide further guidance on keeping your child safe online:

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