The Great Ashmole Summer Sponsorthon  

Dear Ashmole Parents and Carers 

Welcome to the Great Ashmole Summer Sponsorthon. 

It has been a long time since we have all been together as the great Ashmole community and it will certainly be quite a while until we are together once more. 

The PSA thought The Great Summer Sponsorthon would be a fun way to engage with classmates and siblings while raising money for improvements to the schools playground and outdoor areas. 

A Zoom dance-off with classmates maybe? A header competition with siblings? All sponsored by grannies, uncles, godparents, family friends and neighbours. Perhaps a family and friends 'auction' of smaller child's paintings or a Zoom violin, cello or singing concert for family members in return for a sponsorship donation. Getting together - within social distancing guidelines - in the park with a classmate for a sponsored bike ride or rollerblading. Anything is possible. Anything that suits your child's interest and your child can take a lead on. 

Hopefully it will be a long, happy and healthy summer but maybe your holiday plans have been delayed or altered so if you have time to be part of The Great Summer Sponsorthon, then do it!

A sponsor form is below.

Please email with any questions. Donations can be made via CafOnline

The school would love to include photographs of you taking part in The Great Summer Sponsorthon in September's Ashmole Argus. Do let us know what you are up to and send photographs to 

Wishing you a very healthy and happy summer holiday. 

The Ashmole PSA

p.s Further information about PSA fundraising and priorities can be found here.


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